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November 7, 2010

some recent pictures

Jr's purse

little butterfly
little butterfly

Happy Halloween!!
Daddy and our little witch

Gram and Magoo at bedtime

Rachel's "dragon" boots and dress
Magoo declared these her "dragon" boots and dress

Rachel tries on my hat and gloves
getting ready for the cold

Julia's hat and mommy's shoes
Jr's hat and Mommy's shoes

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November 5, 2010

Magoo turned 4

Okay, I'm a bit behind in posting this. Her birithday was really three weeks ago.

asleep in her BIG big girl bed
She got a big-girl bed for her birthday.

happy birthday Rachel
birthday ring and silk crown

toadstool cupcakes
toadstool cupcakes

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September 3, 2010

July 26, 2010

My daughter

She is a blazing ball of energy, constantly in motion and at odds.  She is the pool, the swing set, the slide, the way-way far down park.

She needs a hug, needs a favor, needs to go to the bathroom, absolutely needs to go nudie-feet.  She's finicky, strong willed, strong tempered and strong headed, and when she falls, she's “all right!”

She loves her bobby (her silky blanket), her buddy (her eeyore doll), her sister, her momma, her daddy, and the neighbor, Tyler, who just moved in. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, but won't eat her lunch, she'll run to her bedroom because she needs to go pee and will pop into a headstand on a whim. She's all butter fly wings and lightning bolts

She call's the song “She was the prize” “Daddy's Girl” because I changed the words to describe her. She's pink, powerful, blue eyed, brown haired and mine.

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July 14, 2010

three and three quarters

So as Rachel struggles past three and a half and moves toward four years old I finally have some time to think about all she has become this past year and all that makes her my Magoo.

She has several good friends that she "loves."
She can dress herself and is finally potty trained. Whew.
Rachel sings "Right Into Love" while she brushes her teeth.
She's been having bad dreams. It's really sad.
She loves to go "nudie feet." In fact, she loves to go nudie buns too.
Rachel enjoys playing outside every chance she gets and has been known to escape the house without permission.
I think she spends half the day in a headstand.
She loves it when I tell her stories at night.
She LOVES her Lisa.
She sits on the toilet backward to go pee.
Rachel can climb the cupboards, open all the childproof locks, and even open childproof caps on the medicine (that was scary to find out).
She's excited to go to school in the fall.
Rachel loves going to the pool and the splash park.

self portrait


summer cute
ready for the pool

Rachel and her Lisa
Rachel and her Lisa

summer fun
my Magoo

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June 14, 2010

busy as usual

The girls keep me busy as usual so I don't get to post as often as I'd like. In fact I should really be in bed already instead of blogging but whatever. Today after Julia's morning nap we packed up and headed out in the rain to Cutie Patootie for the nursing moms' group. Rachel brought her camera to keep her busy. Of course she found plenty there to keep her busy. We came back home for lunch and Julia was not going down for her afternoon nap. I think she's working on a tooth because she was extra droolly today. My eyes were not staying open so I packed up the girls again to go out in search of coffee and a nap for Jr. Both were accomplished. I put Julia in her bed and Rachel and I stepped out into the rain for a splash. This was the highlight of my day (and her's too she said). A parent educator from FR came over to observe and give me some advice and perspective on Rachel and her current stubbornness. We had a great talk and are meeting again tomorrow morning to discuss it more. Just as she was leaving my parents backed up the driveway. They joined us for egg salad sandwiches and Mom stayed to read Rachel a couple of bedtime stories while I nursed Julia to sleep. Mom and I talked for a long time. We played around on the computer with anniversary invitations for the big 40th party coming up and chatted about food and flowers and such. As I wrote, I should be in bed so I'll leave you with a few recent pictures.

me and Rachel

playing with her baby

rainy day girl





bathing beauty

standing tall

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May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

sara (1 day old) and mom
Mom and me - July 1977

mommy loves you
Me and Rachel - October 2006

mommy love
Me and Julia - August 2009

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May 6, 2010

my day in pictures

learning to eat finger food
Julia is eating finger foods

pretty dress from Aunt Lisa
pretty dress from Aunt Lisa

handstand push-ups
handstand push-ups

teething on the bedrail
teething on the bedrail


admiring the garden
admiring the garden

tired baby
the sleepiest girl

good night kiss
the king kisses his princess good night

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February 23, 2010

rough day

Rachel and I had a rough day today. Just about anything that could go wrong did.

Yo, here is my make mommy feel better picture...

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February 22, 2010

new shoes

Rachel is growing so fast. It was time for new shoes again.
stride rite sneakers
new Stride Rite kicks

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February 17, 2010

Rachel's favorites right now

1. She loves to "play outside to play!"
2. eating popcorn
3. taking things from her sister
4. projects especially if they involve paint
5. the song "She Was the Prize" by Gaelic Storm

It's hard to pick a top 5 because Rachel is so passionate about so much. She takes swimming and gymnastics lessons, talks highly of her friends from playgroup, and is lucky enough to have Megan come over on Wednesdays. She likes to do Yoga with me, loves to help around the house, and loves pancakes almost as much as her daddy does. She's really a special girl.

polly dolly in the sling
Rachel with her baby in the sling

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February 7, 2010

my three (and a half) year old

So I just finished reading the book Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy. It's from a series of books by Louise Bates Ames on child development. Some of the examples are outdated but the child development information is right on. One of the major points in the series is that children go through periods of balance and turbulence. The half year period tends to be a more turbulent time emotionally and physically as kids develope. As one parent educator explained to me it's like building a tower of blocks. You have three blocks stacked up and the half-year comes along and knocks them down. Okay, so they have to be picked up and restacked but they don't always go back in the same order.

Although Rachel is not quiet 3 and a half she is already started her turbulent period. She has a hard time expressing herself. She stumbles and stutters and trails off mid-thought. Rachel has regressed in potty training which has been difficult but not unusual with a new baby at home. She is stubborn, anxious, contrary and insecure. She has trouble sleeping, has nightmares and is afraid of the dark. I go from felling extreme frustration with her to feeling complete sympathy for her. She's having a hard time and I try to keep that in mind when she's doing something that drives me up the wall.

Rachel is very bright, perceptive, loving, energetic, charismatic...I could go on and on. She really is a delightful person and I have to remember that when things get difficult. I'm very happy that I have a parent group that I can talk to about it. There are many moms that can relate and give good advice. I've also been blessed to have Fran Swift in my life. She has made me feel more confident as a parent. Fran understands child development so well that she almost has a smile on her face when I say I need to talk to her because we're at a half-year. She's very reassuring.

I'm starting a new book: Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. This book, like the child development series, has already put me more at ease. I can see that this book and the class I'm going to take based on the book are going to do a lot to improve my relationship with my spirited child.

a sip of mom's tea

Rachel 3 1/3 years old

big sister

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January 29, 2010

on a lighter note...

some photo updates of my lovelies:

my photographer

Julia playing
Julia's new toy

my girl

new trick - raspberries

rachel making handprints

Julia and her buddy
Tigger buddy

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November 24, 2009

Can you tell which is which?


napping at the park

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November 18, 2009

I'm so proud

Rachel managed to stay dry all afternoon!! Woo hoo!

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