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September 10, 2007

The Vanishing Act

Front 09/03/2007 I officially joined the Body For Life challenge last week.  I feel like I’m about a week behind, as I spent last week really figuring out what I had to do and how to do it.  I got a new journal, created a new page on the site to help track my progress, got my measurements and my first round of supplements.

Officially joining the challenge means that there is a $50,000 prize at stake, not to mention reimbursement for all of the supplements that I might buy, should I purchase the EAS variety (which I have to do, at least in part, if I want to win, which I do).

I know that you’re thinking, “Why supplements?”  and it’s really quite simple.  Eating 6 meals a day is hard to do when I’m at home with a full kitchen to prepare a weeks worth of meals.  But on the road, I need the help that Myoplex powder or an RTD offers in terms of nutrition and ease of preparation.  Also, supplements like creatine are actually proven increase overall strength and performance.  More muscle equals a bigger engine to burn fat.  Couple a good diet with a kick-ass, or should I say “ass kicking”, work out program (I barely made it through my routine today…tired, tired tired) and it’s just the right recipe for success. Side 09/03/2007 

The Best Buy environment is also an excellent place to work on my health and fitness goals.  There is an awesome gym in the building (with personal trainers if I’m so inclined), and I can eat two of my three main meals in their cafeteria without being worried about the contents.  I have yet to plan something and not been able to get it.  Typically I eat egg beaters and kettle oats (sometimes with almonds) for breakfast, and a nice healthy salad with a chicken breast and vinegar and oil for lunch.  They also have an excellent multi-grain concoction on the salad bar from time-to-time during lunch that is an excellent addition to my meal.  In the morning there’s also a large fruit bar with cottage cheese (I have to man up and eat that shit, it’s one of the best anabolic foods out there, but *shudder*  it’s friggin’ cottage cheese), though I don’t typically go for more than some melon and blue berries if the berries are present.

Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at September 10, 2007 11:04 PM
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