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November 21, 2008

dinner party fun

Last Saturday my sister held a fall themed dinner party at the West Salem Branch. We entered through the front door (which Lisa saves for formal use only) and signed in the guestbook. It wasn't long before we each had a glass of wine in our hands and were treated to a delicious brie and apple appetizer. As we chatted with the other guests a perfectly planned selection of tunes played on in the background.

We sat down to a bowl of pumpkin bean soup, cornbread muffins, and little pats of butter cut into maple leaves and drizzled with maple syrup. Our bowls were cleared and our hostess mentions that on the back of the leaf on which our bowls had been set is a word we should try to work into the conversation during dinner. The game was to use our word without being caught. Chuck and I succeeded.

The main course was an herb-rubbed pork loin served with mushroom wild rice and dilled green beans. It was very tasty and I admit to eating too much. While we let our food settle a bit, we filled our wine glasses and used the conversation cards at the table to expand our already delightful discussion. When Lisa thought we'd sat long enough, she served us coffee and pumpkin trifle for dessert.

The evening carried on in the living room with more wine, music, a game, and some witty exchange. I had such a wonderful time with my sister, husband, and our friends. I don't get many nights like that anymore and I really appreciate everything that went into making such an amazing night amazing. I love you, Lisa.

a fall table
a fall themed table

the hostess
our hostess

Posted by sla5150 at November 21, 2008 1:57 PM

I love you, you know. :)

Posted by: lisa at December 3, 2008 7:19 PM
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