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April 2, 2009

new bed

So we converted Rachel's bed to a toddler bed. It was probably overdue, but I was waiting as long as we could. She was getting closer to climbing out and I, with my growing belly, could not easily bend over the crib railing to change sheets.

It has been a hard week. Everynight she has only fallen asleep beeing rocked or crawling in bed with me. She only napped on Tuesday after an hour and a half of crying and temper tantrums (and that was just me ha-ha) I let her out of her room. She was throwing a fit and I told her to come sit on my lap. She was asleep instantly. So that day she napped from 3-4:30 which is way too late for her to be napping; she stayed up that night until 9. That's when I had to go to bed so she just came in with me and fell asleep.

The last two days she's had some good quiet time in her room at naptime, but no nap. That helps, but still doesn't get her through the day. Everyone keeps telling me that I should just accept that she is outgrowing a nap, but I refuse to. If she really didn't need her afternoon nap, she wouldn't be tired at 3 in the afternoon. I look at it like a struggle getting a child to put her seatbelt on. Whether or not she wants it, she needs it and it's my job as her parent to make sure her needs are met.

We've been adjusting to the new bed for less than a week now. I suspect that sooner (hopefully sooner) or later this will get easier.

reading in the new bed

Posted by sla5150 at April 2, 2009 1:09 PM
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