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February 3, 2010

Yet another argument for Fish Oil

There is an interesting article today picked up by several news sources that talks about the effectiveness of Fish Oil against psychotic mental illness.  I’ve searched for a couple of years for the fish oil that I can take (I have a sensitivity) and finally found one at GNC (triple strength, no less).  Even before I got involved with CrossFit and read Dr. Sears I had been told by several trainers that I should be taking Fish Oil, but because of my sensitivity (ok, ok, I puke, are you happy?) I was taking the next best thing, Flax, but at much lower doses (it has been shown to have negative effects on hormones in menat the mega dose level) and only recently have tried fish oil again at the suggestion of a CrossFit coach, who pointed me at several well filtered and rated (How Fish Oil is Rated) oils.

Fish Oil has been proven to have significant positive impact on several fronts, including Heart Disease, Stress, ADHD, Chronic Inflamation, and now, psychosis.  Although there is one study (200 patients) that showed that a portion of heart patients with Ventricular Tachycardia or Ventricular Fibulation had a higher than standard deviation for more complications while taking fish oil than did the control group, if you AREN’T in this group, start. 

And just think…now there’s a lower risk that you’ll have that psychotic break you’ve been so concerned about. 


Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at February 3, 2010 12:20 AM