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February 22, 2010

I'm Back

I’m back into a more mellow swing of things as of this week for the foreseeable future.  And by more mellow, I mean at least a little more time for me.  Burning 65+ hours a week for 7+ weeks in a row took its toll on me.  Stress levels were up, I gained 9 lbs, I lost my rythm around health and fitness and even though I was in Chicago, I was only able to see a couple of shows the entire time I was there.

The new role is different at this point, and I’m involved at the beginning of the work, rather than being low level zip lined onto a burning ship to try and fight the fire, sail it to shore and still convince everyone that everything is going just fine.  It also has me working in Minneapolis again, which has a few other benefits.

First, I’m closer to home, which doesn’t seem like much, given that I’m still gone all week, but being a 2 hour car ride vs. three hours total travel by plane (6 by car in a real pickle) –  IF there is a flight, and IF there are seats on it – is a big deal.  Not to mention that Sara’s brother and his family are here, which means that her coming up to visit me isn’t out of the question once the glacier decides to receed.

Of course, with a more stable work environment, I can plan to be at the gym, and there is no place better than CrossFitMN in Edina to recapture my work out rythm and shed the final 25lbs of fat I’ve been dreaming of.  I asked to rebaseline myself today (not out of fear of the AMRAP that was on the board, I SWEAR!!!)

    Baseline #1 (6:44)
  • Row 500m
  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Pull ups

6:44 is faster than the last time I did it (8:04) and a MUCH better time than I thought I was going to put up, given the last few months that I’ve had.

Today was also my first real CrossFit workout wearing my Vibram Five Fingers, and they did not disappoint; as soon as the workout started, I forgot they were there.  Granted, this wasn’t an intense lifting or running WOD, so there’s still research to do.  I haven’t worn them running a significant distance yet, but as things get warmer here in the great white north, I’m sure Damian will oblige my curiosity and invite me to run my self into the dirt on several, soul liberating occasions.

Finally, I’ll hopefully get to return to Improv.  I’ve offered to Sub for any of the current teams that need a stand in coach for the current round of Six Ring, and if all else fails, I can get out to the theatre for a $1 show.  How sweet is that?

Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at February 22, 2010 6:05 PM