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March 23, 2010

Today's Workout, Skills work and really enjoying myself

I was over at CrossFitMN today for my lunch time workout and I was convinced to do as many rounds of the WOD as I could in my VFFs.  I didn’t too poorly, although I definitely knew when it was time to take the hit on my score and change back into my running shoes.  I solidly finished 800m in the VFFs before my calves suggested that I shift back to my running shoes.  I blame this mostly on the asphalt and really uneven parking lot (and my weak legs…jeez…).  That being said, this is the second WOD of outdoor running that I’ve done in the VFFs and I’m not in much more discomfort than after any normal day at the gym.  The trick now is to increase my distances gradually while not impacting my times too much.  I don’t have a lot of time for extracurricular running at this point, but I might need to find some time on the weekends to get some 400m/800m/400m splits in at the track.  The warmer weather means I can take Rachel with me to the middle school and she can run around until Dad’s winded.  I have a feeling I’ll be done before she is.

I really enjoyed myself today.  Not that I don’t every day, but I’m starting to find a good rhythm. Also, it’s hard to not feel a part of the group there.  Everyone is supportive, friendly and motivated, which really is the recipe for a great community. 

My enjoyment today blossomed out of time.  I had enough of it after the main WOD to work on some of my Olympic Lifting skills, which always need work.  Skills work is different than the WOD.  It’s not (as) grueling, it’s not for time, it’s just exploration.  Not that it’s not work, not true by any means; I was push jerking decent weight for a good 15 minutes, but it was a different focus.  I got to critically analyze someone else’s form and apply it to my own movements, not to mention I received focused coaching on my form, which it desperately needs.

Damian took us through the CrossFit Kids Push Press / Push Jerk evolution and you could see the lights going on in people’s eyes (including my own) once they got under the weight and applied it.  A great day all around.

    AMRAP in 20 minutes (4 rounds of running, 3 rounds of wall balls):
  • Run 400M
  • 40 wall balls

Followed by

    Push Jerk form work:
  • 5x5x5x5 of light to moderate weight (95 lbs). 
Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at March 23, 2010 5:10 PM