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April 7, 2010

100 things that delight me

1. when a dog's ear gets flipped inside-out
2. getting to drink my tea before it gets cold
3. a fast, easy, yummy recipe - especially one that Magoo loves
4. taking the perfect picture
5. trees
birch tree
6. kissing my daughters - they're delicious
7. auto-start on my car
8. my veggie garden
9. naps
10. gerbera daisies
11. "coming home" day
12. Jr's little head on my shoulder
13. Snoopy dancing - my idea of pure joy
14. my wedding ring
15. old photos
robert (my grandpa) with his dad and sister
16. letting the fresh Spring air fill the house after a long winter
17. basking in the sun like a cat
18. clean, cool sheets
19. Magoo's eyelashes
20. Fran Swift
21. green
22. baking
23. massages
24. my sister looking mischievous
25. Christmas music
26. the memory of my grandma
27. fireworks
28. the smell of leaves in the fall; I love fall
29. baby toes
30. climbing into bed at night
31. a clean and tidy house - rare and fleeting
32. Sunday morning coffee adventures
33. cute Smartwool socks
34. the smell of bread baking
35. Perot State Park
36. Target
37. my lovelies sound asleep
38. the first buds in the Spring
39. elephants
40. my DVR
41. candlelight
42. puppy-dog tails
43. laughing really hard
44. the picture next to my bed of my husband on our wedding day
45. the Northern Lights
46. swaying with my sister
47. Strongly Pullin' Me by Runaway
48. nursing Jr.
49. seeing a great stage play
50. a beautiful sunset
51. Home for the Holidays
52. strawberry shortcake
53. dog smiles
54. Yates Cider Mill apple cider
55. the smell of sawdust backstage
56. Magoo's joy for collecting sticks and rocks
57. kisses on my neck
58. getting my Better Homes and Gardens magazine in the mail
59. an uninterrupted shower
60. a cardinal's song
61. a great playlist on the iPod
62. Jr's giggles
63. when I call my sister and she says, "I was just thinking about you."
Lisa and Peanut on the porch
64. window shopping online at Hanna Andersson
65. the way everything looks so perfect after a snowfall
66. time to myself
67. a good bottle of beer
68. the Chuck theme song
69. cute diaper covers
70. getting to sleep through the night
71. the smell of rain
72. my cozy bedroom color
73. that songs bring back such specific memories for me
74. warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk
75. watching johnsmith perform
76. a great haircut
77. the way Jr. looks at her sister
78. Magoo and her daddy "playing saxophone"
playing their saxophones
79. letting the bathroom get all toasty warm with the space heater on
80. when Magoo says, "Let's play wild!" meaning she wants to wrestle
81. how my dad loves the line "When the players tried to take the field the marching band refused to yield."
82. my "work in progress"
work in progress 1-10-10
83. the smell of oranges and any citrus really
84. witnessing my kids learning something new
85. reading Dr. Seuss aloud
86. Magoo's imagination
87. good vanilla ice cream
88. a comfortable and cute bra
89. a date with my husband
90. listening to my husband give Magoo a bath and talk about their day
91. learning something new
92. Blokus
93. watching Magoo get some good silky from her blanket
94. Jr says "mom"
95. pumpkins
96. yellow cake with chocolate frosting
97. getting a package in the mail
98. Fairy May lines
99. making my husband laugh
100. my house

Posted by sla5150 at April 7, 2010 7:00 PM
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