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April 13, 2010

Team Challenge

Two great work outs in a row so far this week.  Yesterday’s  workout was all about perseverence and increasing complexity, today was all about “Team.”  Kevin, Terry and I worked through the challenge as a team and wow, we were pretty wasted after.  The weights I list below are mine, Terry and Kevin each had their own bars to contend with.  We figured out our rythm such that one of us was in each of the movements at any one time, although there were some specific rules about when a new round could start.

Kat's HandsThe aftermath was felt by all.  Since each person was able to scale appropriately, everyone certainly was challenged.  There were several ripped hands from heavy deadlift holds coupled with the pull ups, and just about everyone commented on just how rough the workout was, and many were surprised.  Being a relative n00b to Crossfit, ALL of the workouts are hard, so I’m not surprised.

Kat (who’s hands are shown herein) mentioned that it had been a while since she was in a WOD where there was the same relative quiet intensity in the gym as there was today.  No talking or bullshitting, just bars hitting the floor, an appropriate amount of yelling to get the bar in the air (or keep it from slipping out of your grip), periodic swearing and the occasional encouragement from a team member.  All of the teams seemed to work intensely well together, and the lack of the usual chatter is a clear indicator that this was a tough workout.  I look forward to more team challenges at CrossFitMN, they really make CrossFit the sport of fitness.

    Team Challenge: AMRAP 20 Minutes (Thrusters/Deadlift Hold 115# | 9 Rounds) 
  • 3 Thrusters (rx: 135#)
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • While Member “A” does the movements, Member “B” Holds a 185# bar in Deadlift position
    • A dropped weight from the deadlift = +1 rep to each movement for the next round
    • ex
      • 4 thrusters
      • 6 Pull ups

Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at April 13, 2010 5:38 PM