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April 19, 2010

PIF9 ptII: A reunion, a meeting, a rehearsal and a quick dinner

starbuckscupAfter a mediocre meal, a well deserved shower and some interwebz time, Clif and I headed out to find Coffee, conversation and some essentials from the Circle K (MORE WATER, it’s not Disney Arizona, it’s a desert and there are things there that can kill you – like heat).

Clif Highfield After a Venti Red Eye, a chat in the park and pimping our show at the Circle K, we headed back to the hotel only to bump into Joe Rogan on his way out.  Since we had 3/4 of the Hemi and the Buzz Show, we decided to find some lunch for the three of us, basketball for one of us and hopefully the fourth of the four of us so that we could iron out the format of the Hemi and the Buzz show.

Jesse and I not watching sportsJesse eventually joined us over lunch and we worked out the specifics of the show format over wings and in between the Chicago fans being disappointed at the loss they were taking to Phoenix.

Intro ClassI split a little early and met Alexander back at the hotel so that he could take me over to the library to teach my Skills Class, which I think went smashingly. As always, it was a small class, but that’s usually to be expected when it’s an intro class.  Most folks at the festivals aren’t beginners, but it is a landing place for younger troupes, locals or folks that want to get their feet wet. 

Clif and BobAfter class, I returned to the hotel only to be directed to Space 55 for Hemi and the Buzz rehearsal where we attacked the form we’d decided on. From there, it was back to the hotel to change, and then out for a quick bite to eat at a great Jamaican restaurant with Bob Fisher and then bolting to the Herberger for call.


Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at April 19, 2010 9:10 PM