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June 14, 2010

busy as usual

The girls keep me busy as usual so I don't get to post as often as I'd like. In fact I should really be in bed already instead of blogging but whatever. Today after Julia's morning nap we packed up and headed out in the rain to Cutie Patootie for the nursing moms' group. Rachel brought her camera to keep her busy. Of course she found plenty there to keep her busy. We came back home for lunch and Julia was not going down for her afternoon nap. I think she's working on a tooth because she was extra droolly today. My eyes were not staying open so I packed up the girls again to go out in search of coffee and a nap for Jr. Both were accomplished. I put Julia in her bed and Rachel and I stepped out into the rain for a splash. This was the highlight of my day (and her's too she said). A parent educator from FR came over to observe and give me some advice and perspective on Rachel and her current stubbornness. We had a great talk and are meeting again tomorrow morning to discuss it more. Just as she was leaving my parents backed up the driveway. They joined us for egg salad sandwiches and Mom stayed to read Rachel a couple of bedtime stories while I nursed Julia to sleep. Mom and I talked for a long time. We played around on the computer with anniversary invitations for the big 40th party coming up and chatted about food and flowers and such. As I wrote, I should be in bed so I'll leave you with a few recent pictures.

me and Rachel

playing with her baby

rainy day girl





bathing beauty

standing tall

Posted by sla5150 at June 14, 2010 9:50 PM
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