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July 14, 2010

three and three quarters

So as Rachel struggles past three and a half and moves toward four years old I finally have some time to think about all she has become this past year and all that makes her my Magoo.

She has several good friends that she "loves."
She can dress herself and is finally potty trained. Whew.
Rachel sings "Right Into Love" while she brushes her teeth.
She's been having bad dreams. It's really sad.
She loves to go "nudie feet." In fact, she loves to go nudie buns too.
Rachel enjoys playing outside every chance she gets and has been known to escape the house without permission.
I think she spends half the day in a headstand.
She loves it when I tell her stories at night.
She LOVES her Lisa.
She sits on the toilet backward to go pee.
Rachel can climb the cupboards, open all the childproof locks, and even open childproof caps on the medicine (that was scary to find out).
She's excited to go to school in the fall.
Rachel loves going to the pool and the splash park.

self portrait


summer cute
ready for the pool

Rachel and her Lisa
Rachel and her Lisa

summer fun
my Magoo

Posted by sla5150 at July 14, 2010 8:41 PM
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