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July 26, 2010

My daughter

She is a blazing ball of energy, constantly in motion and at odds.  She is the pool, the swing set, the slide, the way-way far down park.

She needs a hug, needs a favor, needs to go to the bathroom, absolutely needs to go nudie-feet.  She's finicky, strong willed, strong tempered and strong headed, and when she falls, she's “all right!”

She loves her bobby (her silky blanket), her buddy (her eeyore doll), her sister, her momma, her daddy, and the neighbor, Tyler, who just moved in. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, but won't eat her lunch, she'll run to her bedroom because she needs to go pee and will pop into a headstand on a whim. She's all butter fly wings and lightning bolts

She call's the song “She was the prize” “Daddy's Girl” because I changed the words to describe her. She's pink, powerful, blue eyed, brown haired and mine.

Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at July 26, 2010 4:31 PM