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October 27, 2008

2 years and counting

We went in for Rachel's two year check up this morning and all is well. She has met all the milestones for a two year old and some for a three year old (like counting to 12 and saying her full name). She got the flu mist and a finger stick to test her hemoglobin. She was very well behaved for the finger stick, but understandably didn't like it so much.

She is 26 lb 13 oz and 35.5 inches tall.

pink play-doh
play-doh time

october day

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October 23, 2008

happy anniversary


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October 22, 2008


first pink
October 2006

October 2007

washing hands
October 2008

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October 18, 2008

happy birthday to Magoo

We had a really nice birthday weeked with Grandma M. Rachel really had fun at the party and loved her cake. She got lots of new clothes (that mommy loves) and fun toys like Legos and Play-doh that Rachel is loving. She really loves her "new" table that Aunty Lisa fixed for her. What a happy second birthday.

lisa and sara at the table 1979
Lisa and me at our table

rachel loves her table
Rachel enjoying her table

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October 2, 2008


Last night, my sister and I resumed girls' night out. The first Wednesday of the month we go out to someplace we haven't been before or someplace seasonal. We ended up going out to Oktoberfest last night. I've never been down to the Oktoberfest grounds so this counted as someplace new and seasonal. We had a brat and beer and watched the band. Lisa's friend Megan joined us since the usual crew was busy. We played "stump Megan" because this girl knew every song the band was playing and I thought there must be some song that she does not know. We had a hard time finding that song. Anyway, I had a nice time out and managed to get home at a reasonable hour. I'm looking forward to next month's outing.

Sara and Lisa

Megan and Lisa

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