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November 29, 2009


We had a nice Thanksgiving on Saturday with my side of the family. The food was good, the company was even better, and after playing for the first time I'm now addicted to Blokus. I need to find a version to download to my computer.

Lisa and Mom
Lisa and Mom working in the kitchen

Tom carves the turkey
my uncle Tom carving (and eating) the turkey

Rachel and Mommy
Rachel getting a snuggle from her mommy

cute cousins
Julia getting a snuggle from her cousins

"uncle mike is a very nice guy"
Uncle Mike does the dishes every year


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November 25, 2009

today I'm thankful for...

a quiet "quiet time"
a morning at Target with Julia
Y-watch for Rachel so she gets a good chance to run around and I get a break
Chuck will be home by the girls' bedtime
I'm almost done Christmas shopping...almost
I got to drink my coffee while it was still hot
Christmas music :)

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November 24, 2009

Can you tell which is which?


napping at the park

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November 19, 2009

I'm thankful that I get one more shot.

Today really didn't go so well. Rachel and I were at odds today. She bit me and kicked me and hit me and yelled at me and I wasn't very nice either. We had a nice bath and story and said good night on a nice note. Everyday doesn't have to be perfect. We get one more shot at perfect tomorrow.

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November 18, 2009

I'm so proud

Rachel managed to stay dry all afternoon!! Woo hoo!

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I'm thankful for the quiet.

I'm so thankful that I got both girls to sleep by 6:15, I have a load of wash running, and got the garbage out. When Dad called to say he was stopping by to help I was thankful I could tell him he can take the night off.

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November 17, 2009

tonight I'm thankful that I can ask for help

Not only am I thankful I have people I can count on for help but I'm thankful that I've learned to ask for help when I need it. I sometimes get wrapped up in comparing myself to others. I think that because Grandma had to care for six kids on her own with no help from her husband that I should be able to care for two girls by myself for four days out of the week. The truth is that sometimes I can't. I can't do it by myself and I do need help. I'm really lucky that I have a great group of moms (and sometimes a dad or two) that I get to see every Tuesday morning. I look forward to Parent Connection all week. I'm so lucky that we now live close to my parents. They are always willing to help out when they can. Tonight Mom and Dad stopped by and helped me get my tired girls to sleep and then fed me yummy pizza too.

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November 16, 2009

cutest kids in the universe


sleepy nursing girl

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Today I'm thankful for my uncle Tom and my dad.

I ran into my uncle Tom this morning at the gym. I was hanging out in the lobby while Rachel was at swimming lessons and he was there meeting up with his daughter for lunch. We talked the whole while Rachel was at lessons. It was so nice to have company. I we talked about the girls and the gym. We even talked about my grandpa and swapped stories about how he's still hanging around even though he passed away five years ago. It was really nice to talk to him and it made my morning.

This afternoon was rough at our house. Julia had the most difficult time staying asleep and Rachel refused to use the toilet. It was just stressful and I didn't get much done around the house. I called my dad and he said he could stop by while Mom was teaching her class tonight. He helped my with a couple loads of laundry, took my garbage out, hung some hooks in the garage, and when Julia woke up he held her and got her back to sleep while I did dishes and cleaned the bathroom. My dad is always there for me.

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November 15, 2009


Today I'm thankful for my girls, my lovely girls. Today Rachel was playing with her mop when she put a box down on the ground and said, "this is the fulcrum" and placed the mop as a lever on top of it. I love my little scientist. Julia was a fabulous napper today. I love that I have a good sleeper. I love my girls.

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November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

If there were a time when words were inappropriate, when silence was the most articulate speech, it would be here and now. Better than any oratory, better than any speech or poem for you and I to stand two minutes in silence and look out at those whom we know and those whom we do not know and think of all that they did for us.

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November 10, 2009

Body Composition

My most recent numbers:
Total Pounds lost: 27.00
% Body fat lost: 5.10
BMI Change: 3.70
Pounds of fat lost:17.62
Pounds of lean muscle lost: 9.38

I know, I know, negative lean muscle delta isn't good. Interestingly enough, I'm stronger and have more endurance even with the loss of muscle mass, but this now must become a focus. I wanted to wait until I hit 200lbs before _really_ worrying about it but I'm thinking I'll adjust my protein blocks accordingly and start adding a little more weight to my olys.

The roughest thing is the project that I'm on. I haven't been to the gym in three weeks and I'm getting depressed. I'm fighting t keep my schedule clean so that I can get ou of the office at a decent hour, but no one really respects that the drones shouldn't have to work 24 hours a day. It's toughsetting boundaries, especially over the last few weeks with the potential of program ending dates not getting met.

I'm hoping that the most recent round of 'All hands on Deck' has passed and we can get back to our regularly sheduled healthy (ier?) lifestyle.

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