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July 26, 2010

My daughter

She is a blazing ball of energy, constantly in motion and at odds.  She is the pool, the swing set, the slide, the way-way far down park.

She needs a hug, needs a favor, needs to go to the bathroom, absolutely needs to go nudie-feet.  She's finicky, strong willed, strong tempered and strong headed, and when she falls, she's “all right!”

She loves her bobby (her silky blanket), her buddy (her eeyore doll), her sister, her momma, her daddy, and the neighbor, Tyler, who just moved in. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, but won't eat her lunch, she'll run to her bedroom because she needs to go pee and will pop into a headstand on a whim. She's all butter fly wings and lightning bolts

She call's the song “She was the prize” “Daddy's Girl” because I changed the words to describe her. She's pink, powerful, blue eyed, brown haired and mine.

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July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sara

Hey ThereIt's Sara's birthday, and boy does she deserve a party. I love that she works as hard as she does, every day, to be a better parent to our beautiful daughters.  I love that she continues to support me and my goals.  I love her playfulness, her smile, her honesty and her love for her family.  I love her wisdom, her knowledge and her utter inability to let me get away with any bullshit.

You've made it through another year successfully, Sara.  I love you, I miss you more every day, and I'm honored that you choose to spend your years with me.

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July 14, 2010

three and three quarters

So as Rachel struggles past three and a half and moves toward four years old I finally have some time to think about all she has become this past year and all that makes her my Magoo.

She has several good friends that she "loves."
She can dress herself and is finally potty trained. Whew.
Rachel sings "Right Into Love" while she brushes her teeth.
She's been having bad dreams. It's really sad.
She loves to go "nudie feet." In fact, she loves to go nudie buns too.
Rachel enjoys playing outside every chance she gets and has been known to escape the house without permission.
I think she spends half the day in a headstand.
She loves it when I tell her stories at night.
She LOVES her Lisa.
She sits on the toilet backward to go pee.
Rachel can climb the cupboards, open all the childproof locks, and even open childproof caps on the medicine (that was scary to find out).
She's excited to go to school in the fall.
Rachel loves going to the pool and the splash park.

self portrait


summer cute
ready for the pool

Rachel and her Lisa
Rachel and her Lisa

summer fun
my Magoo

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July 12, 2010

How does your garden grow?




I've been enjoying watching all the vegetables growing in my garden all spring and now am enjoying harvesting and eating them. I've been picking shelling peas and had enough to eat with dinner tonight. We ate fresh green beans on Sunday. I have kohl rabi in the fridge and one more ready to pick. I'm getting blossoms on my tomato plants and pepper plant. A friend gave me two broccoli seedlings that I got planted and I was thinking about putting in another round of lettuce. I love my garden.

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