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July 15, 2005

Seattle Post Mortem

Seattle was a great time on many levels.

Professionally, I learned an incredible amount at QuickStart, and had the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome and talented people from all over the world, representing the newest talent to enter the ranks of Avanade. Of course, ‘newest’ is relative, as a few of them have been with us for over a year, some closer to two than one.

Be that as it may, Lindsay and Chris both had so much to offer, and it’s unfortunate that Chris is leaving the QuickStart program. I was honored to be in her last class. Stuart and Raj of the London office stuck it out in Pioneer Square Wednesday night, and if either of you are reading, cheers.

I took the opportunity at the airport today to finish both PCFs that I had to do and my Annual Review Form. Hopefully Nino, Brian Vokoun and Mike Wood aren’t too put out at their lateness.

Seattle itself, as I mentioned, seriously reminded me of Houghton. The people, the city, even the proximity to the water. The gorgeous landscapes were continuously awe-inspiring, and it was nice on the last couple days to see the mountains in the distance peak out from behind their veil of mist and haze. The next time I’m here, I’m going to make sure that I bring a day pack and head up to the mountains for a little out door RnR.

Jet City improv put on a great show, and Reality World was a blast. Ethan and Doug were a riot against each other and Bryan, Missy and Cheryl (??) supported their extreme antics with solid humor and character work. This groups ability to blend long and short form styles around the voting / contest paradigm is awesome, and I wonder what’s next... John Boyle went above an beyond two nights in a row to show this out-of-towner a good time, with Bryan, Doug and “The Howler” chipping in a fair amount of effort on Thursday night (Bryan, thanks for the beer, mate).

Today is Sara’s birthday and it sucks that I’m not home to celebrate it with her. The earlier flights out of town were full and the Red Eye on Thursday night would have put me home such that Sara would have had to miss work, so here I sit at 35k ft. at 7:00 pm EDT, missing my baby. I hope she likes the gifts that I sent her this week and the one or two more surprises I have left.

Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at July 15, 2005 07:30 PM


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