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September 26, 2005

Flying on Thursday, and then again on Sunday

I flew home on Thursday (obviously) and I have to say, the industry continuously works to find new and exciting ways to screw with us travelers. 
On this occasion, NWA decided to not only cancel my flight (some twenty minutes after I had already checked in), but they were also kind enough to rebook me on a 'partner' airline.  The flight was two hours later and, because I "Hadn't traveled yet that day" I was also subject to search by TSA's finest; which is United's policy for some odd reason.  Seriously...I was transfered to you from a partner and I'm standing in front of you in the terminal.  I had to go through all the same screening, checking, picking and poking already once today.  It wasn't like I climbed the fence, ran across the tarmac, infiltrated through a employees entrance using my disguise kit and secret decode ring, just so I could stand around and wait for a flight from O'Hare to freaking Detroit.  If this is how my money is being spent, I want a refund.
Just because you have stupid, redundant and sometimes conflicting rules, does not mean you have security.
Posted by Chuck Charbeneau at September 26, 2005 03:11 PM