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January 25, 2008

Bobby and Buddy in the wash

Yesterday Rachel and I were busy. She was a little grouchy because she was cutting another tooth and she's always a little anxious on daddy's coming home day. Anyway, I decided to change her sheets and throw a load in the wash and while I was at it, I'd throw in her blanket and Eeyore too. I thought I'll get them in early enough that she'll have them back in plenty of time for nap. Oh was this a mistake. She was so upset that I took her "Bobby" and "Buddy" that she cried and cried. She stood at the top of the stair calling, "Bobby - Buddy - Out!" My poor miserable girl. I tried to distract her with a different blanket and even some Elmo on TV and she wasn't falling for it. The washing mashine and drier could not work fast enough for her. Finally, she got distracted by something and we made it through lunch and heard the drier buzz. She put her finger to her ear to indicate that she heard the drier and said, "Bobby!" We promptly went downstairs to get Bobby and Buddy just in time for a nap. Whew!

my little Linus
Rachel and "Bobby"

Posted by sla5150 at January 25, 2008 08:14 PM
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