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August 30, 2005

Mishipwizard Halcyon Blithe

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A day in the life of a consultant

This is what was happening when I arrived yesterday.

And of course, if anyone in our office was going to be effected by it, it would be Doug Rohrer - he was evacuated from his house (along with many people in his area).

I was watching the local news about this last night, and it makes one scratch one's head. Why, oh why, would they let a train car of styrene just sit on the tracks in a residential area.

I understand what they were doing, just not WHY they were doing it, or better, why they are allowed to rolling warehouse a carcinogen in people's back yard.

Yay team.

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August 29, 2005

Dress Like a superhero

For the super-dork in all of us.

Now if they would take custom designs...

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August 24, 2005

Pen Computing for kids

More from the gadget front.

This is pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to the time when I can get something that will allow my to use hand heiroglyphs in midair myself, but this is a great start.

Of course, logitech has similar products for us adults, but it's not quite the same.

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The test of a first-rate intelligence

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.

--F. Scott Fitzgerald

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August 23, 2005

If I rode a motorcycle

Oh yeah, I'd have one of these.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

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Professor Explores Her College

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August 22, 2005


Here's another gem.

Ah, yeah, if you were in-country, I'd willingly argue that you have PTSD. So do the young men and women coming home today from Iraq and Afghanistan. The VVA groups from around the country are pledging themselves to be mentors to these new, troubled warriors, but they can't get the support from their government that they deserve. Frankly, if you are going to look over all the open cases, why don't you take a couple extra minutes and review the ones you turned down as well, and give the men that served for yet another pointless war the support that they deserve? Get out and find them, seek them out and give them the medical care that they earned to treat their diabetes and their cancers...these diseases that they did not earn.

With choices like these, it's not really a wonder that recruitment is down, is it? Our able young men and women see that they can look forward to dying for no real good reason, and if they do return, to the government that asked them to go to war turning a blind eye to the scars and sickness that they will bring home.

I was surrounded on Sunday by the men and women of the Vietnam era, as they wept at the reading of the names of their brothers that have fallen. Fallen not to bullets of war in an era past, but to the ravages of the aftermath. Once strong men dying from brain cancers, stomach cancers, diabetes, and stomach ulcers (Agent Orange at it's best). My father, who 24 hours early had been in a hospital bed of his own, who , I think, probably wasn't ready to head home yet, but who wouldn't NOT go and support his brothers. He smiled at his friends, griped about one guy or another, but was there, standing in support. I think he felt like he let them down in Reno at the national conference because he was too tired to be everywhere he wanted to be (he was down 2.5 pints of blood, afterall).

It just goes to show that even all these years later, he still feels responsible to stand his post.

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Quick Question

Bush vows to stay course in Iraq

Which course is that, exactly?

Over 1800 young men and women dead, the leaders of the 'terrorists' are still on the loose. We are raising our young men and women to be torturers and the time for withdrawl is framed with vague references to "When we succeed." Which sounds vaguely like the "We'll get there when we get there!" answer we used to get in the car as kids, driving with our parents. And it's even less satisfying.

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August 17, 2005

Iron Sun

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Today in the News

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August 16, 2005

Gadget Madness

I just found this while I was tooling around waiting for my project to build. Everything your little toy-loving heart could desire.

I think I'll get a set of these

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Academ's Fury

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August 15, 2005

Troupe Reunion Month

I spent the past two weekends with some of the greatest people on the planet. Aug. 6th was Tony and Beth's wedding, and many, many Troupers were there, while this past weekend was spent at Mike and Becky Agostini's home in Cleveland at what has now become an annual Troupe weekend (bless there souls).

This coming spring (March 31st and April 1st) marks the fifteenth campus comedy show that the Troupe has performed (and also coincides with my first year as a Troupee, which makes groan under the weight of the years). There has been talk by a couple of people of a fifteen year reunion and I think this is a great idea.

With that in mind I tried to set the ball in motion with some current members, as even if I did try to coordinate this I will need the help of people with feet on the ground in Houghton with the planning.

I think we can make this happen, and I can't wait.

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August 12, 2005

A new Series to Read

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August 11, 2005

Reading Material

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things I don't want to have to live without

1. Hope
2. Love
3. Honesty
4. Change
5. Rock n' Roll

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breeds of dog I'd love to have:

1. Border Collie
2. Boston Terrier
3. Boxer
4. German Shorthaired Pointer
5. Weimaraner

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Dead Beat

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August 10, 2005

Dana Reeve

Our society is built on relationships - positive and negative, close and tenuous. These relationships can be between nations, governments, families, friends and strangers. The ones that are the most important, that create the knit and weave that binds our society together, are the ones between partners.

Sometimes it's a partnership of talent, or of resources, and sometimes it's a partnership of love, intelligence and drive.

Dana and Chris Reeve set the bar for what a true partnership is, and although I'm sure they had their rough spots, you could tell every time they looked at each other that they loved.

Dana epitomizes what a partner is. She was strong, supportive, caring and giving for Chris. Even after his passing she has remained a strident advocate and has continued their work.

She annouced in the last couple of days that she is battling Lung Cancer.

She announced it because of the imminent release of a tabloid article, btw (because people like her need to be taken down a notch or two by the bottom feeders that are the tabloid press - good God, leave the woman alone).

If there is anyone fit enough to fight this kind of battle, from what I've seen, it's Dana Reeve. I pray for her to have strength, resolve and success, and through the relationships that she still has, I hope that she finds the love and support to fuel those things. I know that I and my wife sincerely hope that she not only survives, but continues to be the icon and advocate that she has been for the rights of patients, the sick, and the improvement of the medical field.


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Aikido in Cincy

I started back with Aikido again this week at the Aikido of Cincinnati Dojo in North East Cincinnati. This group is USAF affiliated and even though I "grew up" ASU, Aikido is Aikido. The people there are great, and I truly feel welcome, even after only a couple of nights. There is training seven days a week, and while I'll only be able to take advantage of four at the most (I'm only in the city M-Th or Friday morning), I will definitely try to spend a couple of hours an evening getting tossed around.

The only down side that I can see in this is that without an affiliation, I won't be working toward any rank. This means that I'll have to find a dojo at home and join, or figure out how to join a 'federation' or some such (ASU, USAF, etc) and log my training hours with them.

I guess there is another choice - Not care about my rank and just do it. For the time being, I might have to go this route.

It has been hot in Cincinnati for the past two months. I mean HOT. So I figured that it would be my metabolism that would give out first given that the dojo is just a HUGE empty space without air conditioning.

Not so much.

My legs and knees, apparently, aren't what they used to be. *sigh* It just means that I will be spending more time in the gym that I have been (which I should be doing anyway) and strengthen up all those little balancing muscles (like my QUADS...*heh*). Granted, I was sweating buckets throughout class, and even though I preloaded all day, I was still a little light headed when I sat down. In the end, it was my knees that forced me off the mat by the close of class.

I just discovered my age. It was standing right behind me, just waiting for me to be not looking. What it was, really, was a wake up call. I need to be MORE active as I age, not less. It's common sense, I know, but until you are confronted with it, it just isn't put into perspective. I had a rough double dose of perspective Monday and Tuesday nights. I'll probably take tonight off, just to let my body recuperate, and then go to class Thursday night before heading out to Cleveland.

I have three more weeks to take advantage of AoC's hospitality (of which there is much) and to get my body back into shape. I've had a positive experience so far, and if anyone of you decide to travel in this direction, I highly recommend stopping in and saying hello. These are all good people.

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August 08, 2005

It wasn't instant, but it was Karma.

The Law of Karma

In Buddhist teaching, the law of karma, says only this: `for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.' A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things. (Events are not skillful in themselves, but are so called only in virtue of the mental events that occur with them.)

Therefore, the law of Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them.

I've been waiting for this for the past ten years.

Menards, Inc. to Pay More Than $2 Million

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Happy birthday!

I love you and am thankful for everything you've taught me. I'm am the woman I am in large part because of your gentle guidance. You are funny, smart, silly, loving and lovely.

I wish you a wonderful year.

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Blood Rites and Furies of Calderon

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Peter Jennings

One of the best of our time has passed. Rest in Peace.

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August 07, 2005

Happy Anniversay!

Happy anniversay to two of my great friends, Gina and Greg.

One wonderful year. Ah...ah...ah...


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August 04, 2005

Death Masks and Blood Rites

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August 03, 2005

Bolton Goes to the UN

For those of you who were listening when I said "The only way John Bolton is going to be Ambassador is by a recess appointment, which is exactly what he'll get." I'm sorry.

Someone asked in a blogcritics comment, "[...]why Bolton is so important to Bush in the first place that he would risk the backlash."

And here's where the conspiracy theory kicks in...

I'm guessing that someone like GB doesn't get to a position of this height without owing some pretty steep debts to pretty much everyone, and someone fingered Bolton as one of those debts. I'm sure Bolton has one or two things that he is required to accomplish during his tenure to repay HIS debts - lets face it, he might be the school bully, but only someone with friends AND a loud mouth doesn't get taken out eventually.

It's like a Tom Clancy Novel or something, and my guess is that instead of our country getting attacked again because of this poltical nut scratching, our political system will be suddenly slammed to the right, evangelical conservatism is going to put three and only three things on the ballot, including

  1. gay marriage

  2. abortion

  3. prayer in

    • Schools

    • Court Rooms

    • Sporting Events

    • THe Privacy of your own home

at any one time, leaving things like fiscal conservatism, smaller governments, jobs and *gasp* education to moulder and rot in the sun.

But who knows I've been wrong before...Just not about Bolton.

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August 01, 2005

Pattern Recognition

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Grave Peril and Summer Knight

I finished both

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)
Amazon Price: $7.99/ $7.99
ISBN/ASIN: 0451458443


Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)
Amazon Price: $7.99/ $7.99
ISBN/ASIN: 0451458923

over the past few days (mostly in the airport, which goes to show how much I have been delayed, canceled and bounced around lately).

I'm enjoying Butcher's approach, although he did throw me a curve when Elaine didn't show up as the Wizard he was going to be fighting against throughout the greater story arc, as I truly expected her to be the one. That isn't to say that she isn't, but thus far, it isn't shaping up that way.

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