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October 25, 2007


Lisa invited me out to help celebrate her birthday last night. Grandma A came over with dinner and watched Miss Rachel for me while I had a much needed break. A group of us went out to Loons in La Crosse to see their comedy night. It was fun to get out and have a few beers and a few laughs with a few interesting people. I'm not saying that Rachel is not interesting, but adult conversation is nice now and again. I had a good time and still got home at a reasonable hour. That being said, I may have to go to bed early tonight to recover. I don't see that happening though; it's Grey's Anatomy night.

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The Big Bopper

My poor girl was too wound up to take an afternoon snooze today. She bonked her cheek on the rocking chair today and she was feeling a little needy. Aunt Lisa came over for lunch while Rachel was in her crib not-sleeping, so I brought her out to play a bit. Rachel was doing a lot of toddling around the house today. That combined with her not having a nap made for a tired, clumsy girl. She tripped and landed face first on the bathroom floor and split her lip open again. (She cut her lip open just last week.) I gave her a little ice and a little TLC and she seems fine.

We just barely got through the bath tonight and we started early. She was so tired that she didn't want to wait for her hair to be rinsed before getting out of the tub. Anyway, she's been sleeping now for almost an hour already. I hope she gets a good night sleep and is well rested to visit with Daddy tomorrow night.

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October 23, 2007

Oh, happy day...

Happy anniversary to my honey.

Happy Birthday to my sis.

Love you both.

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What a horrible couple of weeks.  Five days of travel (driving and driving and driving…), living in hotels on fast food… Birthday parties with gourmet cupcakes (but damn were they GOOD cupcakes).

I feel like I’m starting over.

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What a horrible couple of weeks.  Five days of travel (driving and driving and driving…), living in hotels on fast food… Birthday parties with gourmet cupcakes (but damn were they GOOD cupcakes).

I feel like I’m starting over.

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October 22, 2007


Three Years.

Has it really been three years? *boggle* Every minute has been an adventure and no matter what befalls us, I know that we're partners.

This past year has been a serious shift in lifestyle. Rachel proves to be one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and she continues to change my point of view on EVERYTHING.

Moving closer to Sara's family has taught me about house hunting, home ownership, furnaces, water softeners, lawn care and being a neighbor. Moving away from my family has shown me exactly how much Sara has sacrificed for me the last six years and proved to me, once again, how much she loves me.

I only hope that I have been half the partner to her that she has been to me.

I love you, Sara.

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October 15, 2007

Time Flies

It has almost been a year.

Rachel Telling it how it isJust a few more minutes, and it will be a year since we finished cookies and got in the car to head to the hospital, in what would be the beginning of one of the most amazing journeys imaginable.



Testing the pipesShe’s just as beautiful now as she was that morning, all wrinkly and pink, crying for all the universe to hear of her arrival.  Our little lamb.  Our little Rachel.  She is still attacking the world with joy and wide-eyed wonder. 


HELL YEAH!!Now she just has a cooler hat.

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feeling a little teary

As I rocked Rachel and read our good night stories this evening I couldn't help get a little teary. In fact, I am now just writing this. I can't believe a year has gone by and my little girl will be one tomorrow. I was thinking about what a beautiful day it was a year ago today. It was sunny and cool as we walked The Village of Rochester Hills. I was thinking about my "candy corn cookies" that I was determined to bake while we were timing contractions. I remember driving to the hospital through the bumpy construction zone. I was thinking about how I remember saying that I didn't know if I could ever go through labor again because it was so painful and yet I don't really remember the pain at all. I remember feeling defeated to have to ask for medication and then getting over it as soon as it kicked in. I remember seeing my little pink baby for the first time and Chuck telling me that we had a girl - we had our Rachel. I remember how I sat up all night watching her. Every time she wiggled or snorted I sat straight up, wide awake, although I was tired beyond reason. The next few days were a blur. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and all of a sudden my baby is a year old. I love my girl.

mommy loves you

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October 12, 2007


Rachel had her 12 month check up today. All is well.

20 lbs 3 oz
30.5 inches long
she still has all ten fingers and toes. :)

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October 09, 2007

Super-Great things about Little C right now

5. she signs a lot and is starting to say quite a bit too
4. she loves going outside
3. those first little toddles that don't do any damage yet
2. her fantastic toothy grin
1. her laugh

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my poor little "no-napper"

Rachel and Mommy had a long, nap-less day today. She's right in between needing two naps or one. She went down this morning around the usual time after signing that she was tired. She may have been tired, but she did not nap. She did play quietly in her crib though which was okay by me. I thought, "Okay, this is a one nap day." Second naptime came and again she signed that she was very tired (she used both hands to sign) and we got ready for nap. She fell asleep nursing but when I tried to move her she cried out for more. Okay, fine. We nursed some more. She fell asleep again and slept in my arms for about twenty minutes. That was the duration of her nap today. I tried to move her to her crib and she was so angry with me. Poor girl almost fell asleep a couple of times, but fought so hard to stay awake that she did. Anyhoo, I thought bedtime would be a breeze; she would really be ready then. Oooooh nooo. She cried for a half hour straight before passing out only to wake up 25 minutes later. Knock on wood - she is asleep now. Tired baby makes for a tired Mama. I've got to get this girl to sleep better. We're both getting cranky.

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October 08, 2007


I broke the 230 mark pretty solidly this week. I weighed in today at 228.25 (down 9.25 pounds), which is better than I expected, given a crummy work-out week last week.

I put my weight bench back together finally and inflated the exercise ball (which Rachel simply went nuts over) which means that I can work on my Ridgeline Fitness exercises (some of them are seriously mind blowing) and lift at home rather than having to find time to peel away and go to the gym.

So, all-in-all, a pretty good week.

I lifted upper body today and saw some improvements in my chest and shoulders, and a small decline in my biceps. I did, however, work my shoulders and back pretty hard, which probably burned them out sooner in the workout, so I'm not too worried. I'll pay closer attention to my diet and supplements on Friday (I stuck to today's plan, but I might need a few more calories now) and see if that doesn't improve things.

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October 03, 2007

The Young's visit

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to post about my friends' visit. Last Thursday (after my refrigerator was repaired) I spent the day with my friends Tara and Tim and their clan. They were in town for a family wedding and took time out of the busy schedule to visit Rachel and me. We talked and held each others babies and ate chicken (thanks for lunch guys!) and played in the yard. I'm hoping that we'll get out to Maine to visit next summer. Until then, I miss you already.

the Girls



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